Learning with the Smartphone or Computer

You wan't to use your smartphone, tablet or computer to learn square dance definitions? No problem!

We use therefor the program "Anki ". It is an intelligent flash card system. Depending on your success with remembering the definitions, the cards are sortet to reappear earlier or later.

As an additional feature there is a link on each card directly to the corresponding figure in Taminations. So you can easily check the execution of the figure.

  • For Windows you'll find the Anki software here: ankisrs.net (free).
  • For Android take the App "AnkiDroid" from the PlayStore (free).
    We also recommend the App "Taminations", but this is optional.
  • There is also an iOS App, but the app is quite expensive.

After installing the Windows software or the App, you have to add the squaredance definitions:

  • In the Windows software you'll find a button "download deck" at the bottom of the page. 
  • In the app there is a "+" on the lower right of the home screen. Please choose "download public deck" there.

    Please search for "square dance" and pick the deck you want. Most decks are available in english or in german language.

In both the PC software and the app there is an extensive help file. But the basics are not too hard, it should be an easy start. Anyway, please use the "Kontakt" on this website to ask for help if needed.


If you want, you can create an account on the website ankiweb.net. This account can be added to both the PC software and the app by clicking on the icon for "synchronise" on the upper right.

There are several advantages:


  1. Your deck and your learning progress will be saved on the website (backup).
  2. If you're using different devices, such as PC and smartphone, you have to add the deck only once.
    The deck and learning progress will be synchronised between your devices.
  3. You can study your decks on every computer without using the Anki software. You can use the website ankiweb.net. But the software is much more comfortable than the website.


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